John Denver’s Top 10 Songs

There are many well written songs out there. There are also a lot of well written love songs. These 10 stand out to me this year for Valentine’s Day. Some were written years ago and others are rather new. Be sure to check them out. They are definitely worth a listen.

One honest answer “NO!!” The reason is they want YOU…NOT gifts. You were amazing enough to get to know in the beginning. Were you acting? Were you on your best behavior “just because?” When you said you loved them did ya mean it or were you just trying to keep them with you?

I want to put this article in the category of “Motivational” but accidentally my fingers hit a button that directed me to “Newsletters” was it coincidental, synchonicity or was meant to be? Was it the unconscious or higher conscious power at work? I feel that the “Newsleters” category is more appropriate and I hope you will help circulate this article in your newsletter and let the world know that what we do on the Internet may be one step for man but it can be a giant leap for mankind! Let’s leverage on the world’s most powerful tool of communication to make life better for all people!

A compact disc invitation is truly unique and it can also serve as keepsake. This wedding invitation can include favorite trap beats by the couple. It can also include a video of photos by the couple. The video can have a story of how the two grew up and how they have met. Nice photos of memories shared together by the couple should also be included. The finale of the video can be a photo of the engagement.

The task was accomplished with such perfection that the nine songs are often mistaken for one long track and even played that way on AOR (Album Oriented Rock) stations.

“Our love is unconditional, we knew it from the start. I see it in your eyes, you can feel it from my heart…….I cross my heart, and promise to, be all I’ve got to be to make all your dreams come true. In all the world, you’ll never find, a love as true as mine.” Such powerful and sweet lyrics from George Strait. Share this with the one you love and they will love it too. I can pretty much guarantee it.

If your answer to the above 4 questions was ‘YES’ then you are ready to do the 1 single most important thing to forget about your Exs: USE YOUR HEAD. Contrary to popular belief IT IS possible to relinquish old memories, regrets feelings of remorse and low motivation following a break up, forget about Exs and regain your confidence and optimism QUICKLY. The key is to be intelligent enough to really engage and use your brain to accomplish what you want (in the same way you would to accomplish any other goal). They key is to focus on moving forward in your life to really get what you want, including the pursuit of love and happiness.

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