Making A Safe Play Area For Your Children

Familiarize your child with the school environment. Show them where their classroom will be, where the toilets are and introduce them to their teacher.

Make sure you change water in birdbaths, fountains, wading pools, etc. Remove excess or unnecessary water from places where insects like mosquitoes will breed.

Cedar and Redwood- the preferred choice for long lasting playground equipment. These two woods are low-maintenance because they naturally resist rot and insects, and don’t require sealing.

Ensure that the surface area is not just limited to the equipment area. Extend it to beyond the area where the kids would be playing by a minimum of 6ft.

Prevent Playground Injuries – Playgrounds and young children are synonymous with summer fun. Staying safe should be your No. 1 priority. The National Program for 안전놀이터 offers this safety checklist for parents. Visit them online or call (800)-554-PLAY.

Playgrounds that have concrete, or hard packed soil or grass, are also not safe for kids. The surface of the playground should be soft, or energy absorbent like sand, wood chips, or shredded rubber. If the playground equipment is made from wood, it should be smooth, and the material should be able to withstand weather changes. The entire area should also be spacious, to lessen the risk of accidents. There should also be enough space for active and quiet play.

Although so far there haven’t been any injuries reported, the recalled Little Tikes swing set did not come with assembly instructions for the swing seat harness. This piece needs to be assembled properly to prevent possible falls and injuries. Consumers can get the instructions by visiting the Little Tikes web site or calling the consumer service line: 1-800-321-0183, Monday through Friday 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., Eastern time.

A swing set can provide much activity and exercise for children right in their back yard that is better than going to public areas and without the playground bully to steal the swing time! Keep common sense safety tips in mind, consult a variety of sites and plans for the design of the swing set and tailor it to your children’s interests. It’s a can’t miss combination!

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