Personal Safety In A Parking Garage

In your golden years the only thing you should have to worry about is how to enjoy the remainder of your life to the fullest but sadly that is not the case. Now, more than ever, senior citizens need to worry about their personal safety and do what they need to in order to remain safe.

Pick a safe house in your neighborhood where your children can go in an emergency. Talk to the owners and be sure your children know they can trust them and can go there for help. Also point out other places they can go for help, such as a convenience store, the library, the police station.

If mom is still driving then you should inspect her car for any new dents, scratches or paint marks. This could indicate that she is losing depth perception and possible loss of peripheral vision. It may be time to have a talk with her about surrendering the car keys. But you better have a plan as to how to approach this sensitive issue and what solutions you have in mind.

Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. Try to make your purchases using a personal check, credit card, or ATM card if you can. When you do have to pay with cash only pull out what is needed. Keep the rest of your money hidden from view. Save your most expensive purchases for last, so you can head straight home afterward.

You can buy a personal alarm that doubles as a door alarm. As a pepper spray it activates when the strap attached to the alarm pin is pulled. You can also hang this device over the knob of any non-metallic door, the device will activate instantly as soon as an intruder touches your door. These dual-alarms make good travel security for hotels, dorm rooms, and extra safety in threatening situations.

In most states bicycles are required to follow all the rules of the road. You must travel with the flow of traffic and stop at red lights and stop signs. Avoid riding on sidewalks as this can be hazardous to both you and the pedestrians walking. Try and stay on well traveled roads and avoid alleys and other shortcuts. These places are prime locations for attackers to hide and wait for a potential victim to walk or pedal by. Wear the required safety helmets and other protective gear. A fall from a bicycle can lead to some very serious injuries, even at very low speeds.

By the way, it’s also a good idea to carry some sort of Self Protection Device, e.g. a Stun Baton, Pepper Spray or even a Telescopic Steel Baton just in case someone or some animal tries to get up close and personal.

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