Sanding and Refinishing Timber Floors: A Labor-Intensive But Rewarding Project

Homeowners have the option of hiring someone to refinish their hardwood flooring or they can rent local floor sanders and do the work themselves. The job is labor-intensive and messy, but many do-it-yourself types prefer to handle their own home improvement work. With the sanding process and a new finish, floors are restored to their original beauty.

The Sanding Process

With a top-notch rented sander, customers of the store might complete a three-level process on their floors. Sanding can be done at the rough, medium, and fine levels for the smoothest possible surface.

Areas that cannot be reached by the machine must be scraped by hand with smaller devices and sandpaper or the completed project will have an inconsistent appearance. Anyone who looks closely will see that the corners and other spaces the machine could not reach were not addressed.

This is another reason why sanding is labor-intensive, as someone will have to be sitting, squatting, or on hands and knees while doing the work. The people doing the work must have a certain level of physical ability. Even running the machine over the floors requires a very steady hand and the ability to swiftly adjust equipment settings as needed.

Refinishing and Staining Wood

When the surface is smooth, refinishing with a protective substance can be completed. Applying a different stain than the one used before makes a significant change to the look of the room. Many men and women, however, have a definite preference for the look of natural timber and do not bother with staining. In fact, many wood flooring companies and interior designers encourage customers not to stain timber. If they want elegant dark flooring, they might choose natural timber in a darker hue.

Finding Sanding Machines

Sanders are available for rent from a variety of businesses, including home improvement warehouses, hardware stores, and rental companies. Homeowners might want to do business with a company that offers free instructional videos and content on the website if they have never done this kind of project before. When the sanding and finishing are complete, the owners will have a rewarding sense of accomplishment.